Jawatan kosong Content Writer di HCL Network

HCL Network Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 43200
Tutup permohonan: 29-7-2020 MOHON SEKARANG

Jawatan Kosong Malaysia di bawah adalah jawatan kosong swasta yang telah kami kumpulkan dari seluruh negara. Diharap agar pembaca dapat mengisi kekosongan iklan pengambilan Jawatan kosong Content Writer di HCL Network ini dan tidak terlalu memilih kerja kosong yang ada. Bagi mereka yang mencari jawatan kosong kerajaan boleh terus ke laman web KerjaKosong.Co sekarang.

Kelayakan dan penerangan

You will be writing articles for our Portal – Himpunanceritalawak.


Excellent BM reading, writing and communication skills.

Avid social media user, particularly on Facebook. We guess we’re the only company that encourages you to use Facebook during work.

Keep up-to-date about the latest event and trending news within Malaysia and worldwide.

Able to write in an engaging manner to capture the audience and keep them entertained. We hate thesis as much as you do!

Clear delivery in writing that enables readers to understand the story without twisting facts.Experienced in the field of copywriting, editorial or content marketing

Have an excellent command in BM, no grammatical errors and must be able to write proper sentence structure.

Must have an eye for story-hooks; to be able to determine articles which are able to capture the audience’s attention.

Must be diligent and have respect for deadlines.

Able to work efficiently and deliver quality content with little supervision.

Benefit ditawarkan

  • EPF
  • Min 14 days of annual leaves per annum
  • Fun and dynamic working environment
  • EPF
  • Min 14 days of annual leaves per annum
  • Remote work from home

Pihak KerjaKosong.Co berharap agar pihak anda dapat tekan butang share di bawah. Kami mahukan iklan Jawatan kosong Content Writer di HCL Network ini disebarkan ke seluruh media sosial agar dapat diisi bagi mereka yang mungkin berminat. Jika anda mencari kerja kosong SPP boleh terus ke kategori kami SPP disini – https://www.kerjakosong.co/category/spp/. Jika anda ada sebarang pertanyaan, boleh hubungi admin di email admin@KerjaKosong.Co.


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